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Good Weird

Young person stretching face skin just after using Balmy Weather Moisture Stick


  1. A way to describe someone or something that stands out in a good way
  2. The highest compliment

What is
Good Weird?

Good Weird is a new, genderless approach to beauty. We make multipurpose products that make it easy for everyone to explore beauty and put their best face forward. Whether you’re looking to cover up a zit or optimizing your whole routine, we’re here to help you look good, feel better, and stay weird. It’s good to be weird.

Person sitting on a funky chair wearing colorful clothes

Where did
Good Weird
come from?

One day a few years ago, Jon had a breakout. Jon walked to the store looking for a beauty solution. But didn’t see himself reflected in any of the brands and products on the shelves. Together alongside longtime friend Stephen, they decided to build a brand where anybody could explore beauty, regardless of identity or experience level.

Long red haired person laying down looking at you

Who is
Good Weird?

Good Weird is for everyone! We want to change the conversation around who can and can’t explore the beauty aisle. We’re here to help people discover and play with new types of products that make them feel like the best version of themselves. At Good Weird, you don’t need to be an expert — just be you! It’s good!